Empowering animal husbandry with industrial might-Bihlmann at your service.
Achieving intelligence, customization, and sustainability
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Business unit

Provide integrated solutions specifically for industrial production systems and agricultural breeding automation systems.


Always prioritize customer needs and provide them with advanced integrated solutions that meet industry standards.

Ventilation and environmental control systems

Tunnel ventilation, Horizontal ventilation,Combi-ventilation

Automatic feeding systems

Precision feeding, Liquid feeding

Feed weighing and delivering systems

Silo weighing, Batch scale

Cleaning and disinfected systems

Air cleaning, Waterline backwashing, High pressure hot water cleaning machine


Focusing on independent innovation, with over ten computer software copyrights and utility model patents.



Bihlmann provides integrated solutions for industrial and agricultural automation and is a one-stop provider for animal husbandry.


Achieving intelligence, customization, and sustainability

About us

Guangzhou Bihlmann Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Panyu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province. Founded in 2009, after 13 years of unremitting efforts, it has developed into a one-stop service provider with rich integration experience. Its business scope covers industry and agriculture, specializing in providing integrated solutions for industrial production systems and agricultural aquaculture automation production systems. ​


In industry,Behmer is the strategic partner of many well-known industrial automation brands, the agent sales of Italy REER company's full range of products: safety light screen, safety relay, safety PLC, measuring light screen; German POSITAL company's full range of products: absolute value encoder, cable encoder, Angle sensor, etc. JENOPTIK long range laser ranging sensor; All series of AS-1 systems from B+W; Israel AST-3T infrared thermometer. Products are mainly used in machine safety, high-precision non-contact: size, volume, distance measurement, non-contact non-ferrous metal processing: temperature online measurement, control and other industries. Customer coverage industries include: tobacco machinery, engineering machinery, beer and beverage packaging, non-ferrous metal processing, tire machinery industry, highway, intelligent transportation, logistics industry, automobile industry, port machinery, etc.

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