Environmental control project for a pig farm

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In 2019, Bihlmann provided environmental control systems and equipment for a pig farm in Yunnan Province.

In 2019, Bihlmann provided environmental control systems and equipment for a pig farm in Yunnan Province.
The role of environmental control equipment is to maintain a correct climate in pig farms and regulate air quality to meet the environmental needs of pigs at different stages of gestating and lactating. The scope of supply includes: (1) the central roof ventilation system of the farrowing house, mating house, and gestation house; (2) roof ventilation for 8 zones of the gilt house; (3) roof ventilation in 6 zones of the isolation house; (4) the roller shutter actuator of a pig farm has 82 sets of roller shutter systems. The main electrical components are well-known brands imported from Europe, with product performance, quality, and technology leading the industry.
The environmental control computer is from DEVRIE in the Netherlands, and its functions are to provide overall data collection and analysis for the environmental control system, set data benchmark values, provide unexpected alarm prompts, and control the switch of the roller shutter system.
The ventilation pipe, fan, and damper actuator are from TPI in the Netherlands. Their function is to discharge dirty air through the ventilation pipe to the outside by opening the motor. Due to the exhaust air, a negative pressure condition is formed inside the house, and fresh air is introduced from other air inlets to ensure that pigs can breathe clean air. The ventilation pipe of this brand is made of polyurethane, which is composed of a "sandwich" structure on the pipe wall, that is, the inside and outside are wrapped by a hard polyurethane material with a thickness of 2-3mm, and the middle layer is a foam structure with the same chemical composition with a thickness of 20mm. Its advantage is that the weight is lighter than that of ordinary products with the same length and thickness, but it does not lose its firmness. This product is specially designed for use in harsh aquaculture environments. It is acid, alkali, and condensation resistant, and can be used in extremely hot or cold environments.
The temperature sensor is from DEVRIE in the Netherlands, and its main function is to measure the indoor temperature and transmit data to the environmental control computer. It can monitor whether the indoor temperature remains within the preset normal value range in the environmental control computer. Once it exceeds the range, the environmental control computer will notify the alarm system to start the alarm mode.
The measurement fan is from DEVRIE in the Netherlands. Its main function is to measure the air flow discharged from the outdoor through the ventilation pipe, and transmit the data to the environmental control computer. Through this data, the exhaust air volume can be calculated.
The alarm system is from DEVRIE in the Netherlands. When the environmental control computer receives that the indoor ventilation status is poor or the temperature does not meet the preset standards, it will send instructions to the alarm system and activate the alarm prompt. The on-site management personnel can promptly learn about any unexpected situation and make quick judgments and remedial measures.
The roller shutter actuator is from HUIMA in the Netherlands, which is mainly used to manage the opening and closing of the damper.
Through the control system, all equipment is integrated and recorded, and data analysis and processing are performed uniformly to ensure accurate and timely control, smooth system operation, and durability.

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