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Yaxing Cable Group will provide various high-quality services before, during and after the sale of products, and strive to satisfy users.

1. In the model selection stage, the company welcomes users to visit the company for on-site inspection. The company will provide all conveniences, provide various materials and answer various technical inquiries from users.

2. Before the product is shipped, the company will notify the user and provide the user with the product quality assurance sheet and the delivery note for fulfilling the contract.

3. When sending, the company will use automobile or railway transportation, and send a special person to escort it until the user receives it. The supplier will be responsible for the cable not being lost during transportation.

4. When the cable is shipped to the user, the company will send people to participate in the acceptance inspection.

5. If during the on-site inspection and installation process, it is found that the cable quality problem caused by the company's responsibility, the company guarantees to reply within 24 hours after receiving the notice. Send someone to on-site service,

6. If the quality of the cable is caused by the company's manufacturing reasons and cannot be used, the company is responsible for "repair", "replacement" and "return".

7. If there is a disagreement or it is difficult to determine the quality, it needs to be inspected by an authoritative institution. If the inspection result is found to be unqualified, the company will bear all the direct losses and expenses arising therefrom, including sampling fees, transportation fees, loading and unloading fees and Inspection fees.

8. Under normal working environment and conditions of use, the quality guarantee period of the cable is one year, and the service life of the cable is more than 20 years. Various quality problems of the cable within 20 years, if it is indeed caused by manufacturing, The company will be held accountable to the end.

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